Counter-missionary Survival Seminar | 6 Weeks 2016

//Counter-missionary Survival Seminar | 6 Weeks 2016

Counter-missionary Survival Seminar | Tuesday Nov. 15 for 6 Consecutive Weeks 2016
The Jews for Judaism COUNTER-MISSIONARY SURVIVAL SEMINAR with Rabbi Michael Skobac

Tuesday Nov. 15 for 6 Consecutive Weeks

Pick up the spiritual survival skills that will empower you to respond confidently to any missionary who challenges your Judaism! The curriculum covers all major claims that are raised by Christian missionaries. Attendees leave with a tremendous boost in their Jewish pride and confidence.

Tuesday Nov. 15 – Dec. 20, 2016 at 8:00 pm for 6 Consecutive Weeks
1072 Eglinton Ave West
Toronto, ON Canada
To Register contact 416-789-0020 or
Admission: FREE

Topics include:

  • Session 1 – THE BATTLE FOR THE JEWISH SOUL: Today’s Missionary Threat to Jews
  • Session 2 – THE REAL MESSIAH Part 1: Why Jesus Is Not The Messiah
  • Session 3 – THE REAL MESSIAH Part 2: Can 2 Billion Christians Be Wrong?
  • Session 4 – DECONSTRUCTING MISSIONARY PROOFS: How Missionaries Distort Bible
  • Session 5 – SIN, SACRIFICE & ATONEMENT: Why Jesus Didn’t Have to Die for Sin
  • Session 6 – ISAIAH 53, G-D’S SUFFERING SERVANT: Who Is It… Israel or Messiah?

IF YOU CAN’T ATTEND, you can watch ALL seminar lectures on our YouTube channel by clicking here.



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