Help Jews For Judaism To Counter Missionaries On The Street – July 10 To 23, 2017

//Help Jews For Judaism To Counter Missionaries On The Street – July 10 To 23, 2017


Throughout the year, the “Jews for Jesus” missionary organization, (and many other similar Hebrew-Christian missionary groups), actively target Jews across North America on street corners, at ball games, concerts, public events and door-to-door as well. These missionaries are well trained and can stymie many Jews with their well-rehearsed, pointed questions when they confront Jewish passers-by or visit them at their door.

During the two weeks of July 10 to 23, 2017, the Jews for Jesus missionary organization is conducting is annual Toronto Summer Missionary Campaign. JEWS FOR JUDAISM must counter the efforts of these missionaries.

We are seeking to train volunteers to serve on our counter-missionary “Rapid Response Unit.” JEWS FOR JUDAISM is seeking two types of volunteers. Those who will act as “Spotters” – who will notify us where and when the missionaries appear, and/or those who will act as “Counter-Leafletters” – who will distribute our counter-missionary literature in a non-confrontational manner on the street beside the missionaries.

This his how it works. Volunteer “A” is driving to take her daughter to the doctor at an office downtown. She “spots” Jews for Jesus missionaries on a particular street corner. She calls us to let us know of the exact location. We call Volunteer “B” who works a few blocks away from the location. Volunteer “B” has a counter-missionary response kit with him at work, consisting of a “Counter-Missionary Task Force” T-shirt, shoulder bag and effective counter-missionary literature. He goes to the corner, stands near a missionary and hands one of JEWS FOR JUDAISM’s pamphlets to every passerby that the missionary hands a pamphlet to. Inevitably, there are Jewish passersby who express how grateful they are to see us in action.

Regardless of whether you wish to volunteer or not, if you have recently received literature from these missionaries, either on the street, at your door, in the mail or through an acquaintance, please forward the actual brochures (along with any accompanying letter, envelope or literature) to JEWS FOR JUDAISM so that we can include them in our archives and better-know what activities these various missionary groups are conducting in your city.

If you would like to volunteer for our “Rapid Response Unit” and/or help support our vital work, please contact JEWS FOR JUDAISM.

Thank you.

Julius Ciss
Executive Director
Jews for Judaism (Canada)

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