Missionaries Target Jewish Homes In North Toronto With Dvd’s And Literature

//Missionaries Target Jewish Homes In North Toronto With Dvd’s And Literature

Missionaries Target Jewish Homes In North Toronto With DVD’s And Literature

Many Jewish families in the north Toronto community of Thornhill were targeted by Israel Restoration Ministries (IRM) with a deceptive package. The envelope depicted the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem and a large blue Star of David in an effort to entice Jews to open their missionary package. The contents which included a proselytizing letter, DVD and a missionary booklet greatly disturbed Jewish residents who expected something promoting Israel and alyiah instead of a plea to accept Jesus. This campaign is part of a North American-wide “door-to-door” crusade by IRM.

Thanks to the efforts of a concerned member of the Thornhill community, a specially designed counter-missionary pamphlet was produced to alert community residents about Israel Restoration Ministries’ misleading missionary enterprise. It encourages Jewish people to contact JEWS FOR JUDAISM to access our vital counter-missionary resources. This incredible volunteer is going house to house, and leaving the brochure at every house in her neighbourhood that has a mezuzah.

JEWS FOR JUDAISM urges anyone who is concerned about thwarting the efforts of these missionaries (over 1,000 strong in North America) to forward to us any missionary materials that they may receive, either on the street, via acquaintances, through the mail or at their door. With your cooperation in sending us these important proselytizing materials, we can know what the missionaries are doing in your neighbourhood and plan effective ways to counter their efforts.

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