The Forest Beyond The Trees

///The Forest Beyond The Trees

The Forest Beyond The Trees: What is Judaism’s Bottom Line? with Rabbi Michael Skobac

Judaism can be a very busy religion. We do so many things in our observance, it is easy to get lost in the details and forget about the big picture.

So what is Judaism really all about? What is the ultimate goal of everything we do, as Jews? Where is Judaism supposed to be taking us? This lecture presents an analysis of the core spiritual foundation that provides the context for the entire menu of Judaism.

The Forest Beyond the Trees is dedicated in memory of Herbert Green z”l, Chaim Moshe ben Yitzchak, who passed away on Rosh Chodesh Av, 5770.

A guiding force in Herb’s life was his deep love and commitment to Judaism, Jewish education and Israel. May Herb’s memory be cherished in our hearts and be a constant source of inspiration for us all.

The Forest Beyond The Trees
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