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Become A Jews For Judaism Volunteer And Make A World Of Difference! Volunteers Are Always Needed! Please Consider Volunteering For This Year’s Toronto Walk With Israel On Monday, May 25.

Why Volunteer For Jews For Judaism, North America’s Only Full-time Counter-missionary Organization?

Dear Friend,

Please consider volunteering to help Jews for Judaism counter missionaries on the annual UJA Federation, Walk with Israel, which will take place on Sunday, May 25, 2014 at Coronation Park, Exhibition Place, rain or shine.

You will be part of a team of volunteers who will help Jews for Judaism show our solidarity with Israel and also counter any missionaries that target Jewish people on the Walk.

We’ll meet at a pre-designated spot at 90 minutes prior to each event where you will receive T-Shirts, shoulder bags with pamphlets and further instructions and then travel to the event.

Although we will have a photographer join us, if you have a camera, please bring it along. This is in case there is any activity with the missionaries and the photographer is not nearby, you will be able to photograph the interaction yourself.

The Walk with Israel is about 6 miles, or 8 kilometres long. If you feel this is too strenuous for your physical condition, then I urge you to reconsider participating. If you are interested in volunteering for this enjoyable event, then please contact us.

For Volunteer Walkers who can only commit to 2-3 miles maximum, we may be able to break up the walk for you into smaller increments and join the Walk at a later entry point.

Thank you for your consideration.

Julius Ciss
Executive Director

Time donated by volunteers is a precious commodity and the very strength behind a charitable organization’s growth. Volunteerism can open up a whole new world for you and help JEWS FOR JUDAISM achieve its crucial goals.

JEWS FOR JUDAISM is an educational, outreach and counselling organization exclusively dedicated to counteracting the increased efforts of evangelical Christian missionaries who are specifically targeting Jews for conversion.

If you feel that JEWS FOR JUDAISM is an organization that would benefit from what you have to offer as a volunteer, then contact us so that we can appreciate who you are and how you and JEWS FOR JUDAISM can work together to counter the growing missionary threat to our Jewish community.