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Responding to Christian missionaries,
cults, eastern religions and many other
challenges to Jewish continuity … and
connecting Jews to the spiritual depth,
wisdom, beauty and truth of Judaism.

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JEWS FOR JUDAISM – The Jewish Response to Missionaries Who Target Jews

Keeping Jews Jewish

Jews for Judaism responds to the threat of Christian missionary groups, cults, eastern religions and other challenges to Jewish continuity. We connect Jews to the spiritual depth, wisdom, beauty and truth of Judaism.

The Battle for the Jewish Soul

Today 1,000 Hebrew-Christian missionary groups spend over $300 million annually, targeting Jewish people for conversion. In recent years, these missionary groups have succeeded in converting 350,000 Jews worldwide.

Saving Jewish Lives

We’re reaching thousands of Jews worldwide through our educational programs, counseling, books, literature, audio/video materials and our global Internet outreach. Just on YouTube, 2,500 people watch our lectures daily.

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Got issues about Missionaries, Cults, Eastern Religions, Judaism or Intermarriage?

We do not charge for counselling services or educational materials. We rely totally on financial contributions from concerned people like you.
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